Resonant Field

Out July 19th, 2019 | Vinyl | Download | Pre-Orders now available here

"Lea continues her devotion to the exploration of physical spaces by way of sound, channeled through her alto saxophone. Where her previous work investigated a variety of locations around the globe, ‘Resonant Field’ narrows her focus to one space in particular – the Marine A Grain Elevator at Silo City in Buffalo, New York. Using her horn, Lea awakens certain resonances within the space which have laid dormant and forgotten for decades. In this sense, ‘Resonant Field’ is the documentation of a human’s profoundly personal interaction with an inanimate space through the medium of sound."



Metal Aether

Released January 2018 | Digital | Vinyl (Sold Out)

Metal Aether’ continues to explore Lea’s acute interest in the nature of acoustics and the harmonic accumulation of sound, with it’s four pieces having been recorded in Le Havre, France in a former military base, and in New York City, at ISSUE Project Room. With her horn, Lea produces pulsing minimalist patterns, transcendent drones, and upper register squalls that envelop these spaces in waves of overtones, microtones, and psychoacoustic effects."

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All That is Solid Melts Into Air

Cassettte | Download on NNA Tapes

"These challenging, durational works tease a range of sounds and narratives out of these instruments, experimenting with how they resonate in the distinctive spaces in which they were recorded." - Pitchfork

"Spacious and fluid" - The New York Times


Axis/Atlas cassette and digital release on Clandestine Composition

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Light Silence, Dark Speech Solo 7-inch on I Dischi Del Barone Records.

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"Very boss" - Byron Coley, The Wire Magazine




Resonance Shapes - From Obsolete Units, Co-release with Cibachrome Editions.

Custom packaging with clear LP. Edition of 300.

"A grand exploration of the possibilities inherent in sound" - Richard Allen, A Closer Listen


"Lea Bertucci – Resonance Shapes: Resonance Shapes is the much anticipated vinyl debut of New York-based experimental composer, improvisor, and sound artist Lea Bertucci. Over two sides and four compositions, Bertucci weaves a suite of tape-focused compositions which utilize a vast library of sources, including her trademark bass clarinet (which she put to exquisite use at the center of her past work in TwistyCat as well as her many solo and collaborative performances), bowed vibraphone, various percussive implements, and mysterious field recordings take from her homestead of Brooklyn, Southern Utah, and areas unnamed. The compositions embrace an expanse of quietude that’s carefully punctuated by the reverberating progression of her meticulously collaged resonances. The album’s title is thus most apt as Bertucci’s patient focus and eclectic and tolerant ear build beautifully potent and dynamic structures out of the incidental and unexpected. Her art fits confidently and boldly alongside likeminded seekers such as Moniek Darge, Graham Lambkin, Vanessa Rossetto, The Hafler Trio, and Luc Ferrari. A must for anybody interested in modern experimental composition and sound art. Coke-bottle clear vinyl packaged in a translucent sleeve designed and printed by Bertucci herself. Edition of 300." - Paul Haney

Track #3 from RESONANCE SHAPES. Tape Collage