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List of Works


Our Collective Cynicism is a Product of Failed Revolution

For Trombone and Tape, 2016. Performed by Chris McIntyre





Oracle (Quartet Version)

For three voices, tuning forks, tape. 2016




Quadraphonic Cello, 2015/16 - Custom instrument in collaboration with Tommy Martinez.

"An instrument, multichannel installation, and platform for audio-visual composition, the Quadraphonic Cello re-imagines a classical cello as a vehicle for surround sound. A customized pickup had been devised using piezo-electric wire directly on each of the four strings. When the cellist bows, plucks or taps this wire, four discrete signals are produced and routed to a quadraphonic array of speakers. Developed through the Harvestworks New Works Fellowship, this instrument is a three dimensional musical apparatus tailored to multi-channel composition and the sculpting of sonorous space."

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Double Bass Crossfade

Composition for 2 Double-Basses and 10-channel sound. Premiered at Knockdown Center as part of AUDITORIUM, 2015. Performed by James Ilgenfritz and Sean Ali

"Double Bass Crossfade positions two double bassists at opposite corners of the Knockdown Center's cacophonous main room. The instruments are wirelessly amplified, allowing the performers to slowly move across the room over the course of 40 minutes. As the performers change their position, the sounds they play are dynamically routed from speaker to speaker according to their location, creating in their wake a mutable, engulfing sound-field."




The Cepheid Variations

Composition for Viola, Cello and Tapes in two movements. Premiered January 2015 at ISSUE Project Room

"Lea Bertucci opens her 2015 ISSUE Residency with the premiere of The Cepheid Variations I + II, a pair of new works for pre-recorded sound collage and strings. Born out of an interest in the timbral and acoustic possibilities of harmonics, these pieces combine extended techniques for cello and viola with concrete sound, producing a shimmering mass of layered harmonics and ghostly resonances. Drawing upon the natural acoustics of ISSUE's 22 Boerum Place theater, The Cepheid Variations explore movement of sound in space through the use of dissonance, wide dynamic fluctuations and particular sonic textures. Fragile harmonics that arise from the acoustic instruments give way to searing collage material, the two elements eventually obscuring one another. With Leila Bordreuil, cello, and Jeanann Dara, viola."




Surface Features

Graphic score for electronic sound, 2014

surface notes





For viola, trumpet, euphonium, double bass, bass clarinet, flute, modular synthesizer - commissioned by and premiered at Roulette, 2013 

Featuring: Martha Cargo, James Ilgenfritz, Jessica Pavone, Matthew Regula, Aliza Simons, John Stanesco and Nate Wooley

Excerpt from the handwritten score: